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Tough on the Outside...

Fluffy Bunny on the Inside.

It's the Chad
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This is a fan community for the one and only Sado "Chad" Yasutora, from the manga/anime Bleach. In our humble opinion, he’s one the best damn characters in the manga, if not in the universe. And we (we as in heron_advocate and a_white_rain, your sexy wonderful mods) were shocked and dismayed that there was no community to celebrate the sex love that is Chad.

So we made one.


But, like all good comminutes (and we’re of the opinion that this is one the best communities ever), we have rules:

1) You have to like/love Chad.
2) No bashing of any character, pairing, and especially not others members.
3) ALL Chad ships are welcome, because sexy Chad deserves some lovin’ too.
4) Spoilers after chapter 181 under a livejournal cut, please.
5) Images under a livejournal cut.
6) All fics under a livejournal cut.
7) More than four icons under a livejournal cut (teasers are welcome).

Don't know how to make a cut? Find out here.


chad_karin - Chad x Karin
sadoichi - Chad x Ichigo
chad_ishida - Chad x Ishida
ishidafansanon - Ishida Uryuu
asterisk_plus - Bleach Rarepairs


Love and Death, the Chad Fan-Listing.
Userinfo code credit goes to reversescollide.

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